Animal Attractions in Koh Samui

Animal attractions in Koh Samui

In Thailand there are more than 163 species of snake, over 900 types of birds, approximately 250 wild tigers and around 650 species of freshwater fish, just to name a few! A visit to Koh Samui is a chance to get to know not only the charming locals, but also some of the native animals that make this island such a unique and memorable holiday destination…

parrots__thailand_by_evgeniasummer-d53rgtiParadise Park Farm

High in the mountains, overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, lies Paradise Park Farm. This is one of the highest points in Koh Samui and the beautiful waterfalls, rivers, canyons and rainforest covering make it one of the most picturesque spots on the island.

Paradise Park Farm is home to several local animals such as ponies, deers and pygmy goats (which can be petted and fed), friendly monkeys and even Molly and Marcha, the bilingual parrots who will speak to you in either English or Thai! Additionally, the park has two on site restaurants and bars, a children’s playground, jungle and river walks and plenty of rest areas.

There is a swimming pool which can be enjoyed at no extra cost, but guests should bring their own towels. At only 800 Bahts for a visit to the park alone, this is one of the cheapest parks to visit, and it certainly keeps everyone entertained.

exotic_butterfly_i_by_manu1993-d63ms7sButterfly Garden

This beautifully maintained tropical park is home to hundreds of butterflies, bees and moths. While visiting an insect habitat might not be high on everyone’s list of things to do in Koh Samui, the Butterfly Garden is a popular attraction with adults and children alike, and in particular with aspiring photographers.

Not only is this a breathtakingly gorgeous nature walk with waterfalls, lush tropical plant life and colourful flowers, it is an intriguing insight into insect life. The butterflies are unafraid of human contact and will happily land on walkers’ shoulders and heads, sometimes long enough to take a quick selfie.

Watching these little creatures flitter from flower to flower and sip at the nectar is a delightful experience. If there is a keeper nearby, they will be happy to answer any questions about the species and habits of each butterfly you see.

An insect museum at this location is an extra treat for enthusiasts and it is also a great place to purchase fresh honey made on-site by the bees seen on your walk.

baby-elephant-and-mother-samuiBannchang Elephant Park

Most tours offer elephant trekking as part of a package and it is understandably popular with tourists. Bannchang Elephant Park is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing a good life for these majestic animals and rescuing elephants from bad conditions such as circuses.

The organisation is funded exclusively by visitors so the park ensures that your time is certainly worth your money. Instead of merely riding the elephants (although this is also an option) visitors are educated on elephant feeding, their daily habits, elephant’s body language and how the trainers create a relationship of respect with their charges.

Visitors will even have the opportunity to bathe, brush and feed their elephant and be taught basic riding skills. Certainly a more memorable and fulfilling experience than mere elephant trekking.

imgres-1Koh Samui Tiger Zoo and Aquarium

There few other zoos in Koh Samui that offer such an up-close and personal experience as the Tiger Zoo and Aquarium. If visitors are not satisfied with seeing a large variety of sharks, manta rays and catfish, they can complete their marine encounters by feeding sea turtles.

If seeing Bengal tigers perform feats of agility is not thrilling enough, for a few extra Baht, visitors can have their picture taken with these impressive animals or even feed their cubs a bottle of milk.

There are even photo opportunities with owls, parrots and other exotic birds.

Diving in Kph SamuiAng Thong National Marine Park

The Ang Thong Marine Park offers more for the active visitor such as snorkelling, kayaking or diving in the clear blue sea, or hiking through the jungles, mountains and waterfalls.

Because it is such a large and undeveloped area, Ang Thong is home to a wide variety of marine life and wildlife – it is up to the visitors to see how many they can find. Bats, otters, sea eagles, hornbills, sea turtles and pythons are some of the wildlife occasionally seen in the forests.

Crabs, oysters, butterfly fish, sting rays and angelfish are but a few of the residents of the coral reefs.

The many animal attractions in Koh Samui are a great way to discover the island and learn more about the local wildlife. Our luxury villas in Koh Samui are easy to reach from anywhere on the island and offer the perfect base from which to head out and about.


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