Choosing a Holiday Villa in Thailand

A holiday in Thailand does not always mean expensive hotels and cramped rooms. If you prefer more privacy to cater for your individual preferences, a villa may be a better option. Villas in Thailand have grown into a popular choice for holiday accommodation and may be more cost effective than a hotel.

Thailand is a tourist hotspot and in keeping with foreign expectations, villas in Thailand offer world class facilities and services ensuring that all your needs are catered for in your own private villa. From the more luxurious beach villas in Thailand to the budget friendly villas, you can stretch out in comfort in your own self-catering villa with the freedom and flexibility to plan your own itinerary. Prices for villas in Thailand may vary depending on your personal preferences, size of your family or travel group and your budget. However, the wide selection of villas ensures that there is a suitable villa for every traveller’s individual needs.

For a more VIP feel to your holiday, a five star villa in Thailand will provide you with your own gourmet chef to prepare meals at your request, a private pool and jacuzzi facilities and some may even provide a private vehicle with your own chauffeur. If you are looking for cheaper holiday villas in Thailand, your luxury does not have to be compromised. The cost of a villa can be more affordable if you opt to go further inland or rent a larger villa for a bigger group. Our holiday villas in Thailand ensure all the facilities and amenities you would expect for a complete holiday experience, with private pool, air conditioning and satellite television in all our holiday villas.

Cautious travellers can rest assured that renting a holiday villa in Thailand is affordable and safe with our villa rental services. By pre-booking your holiday villa in Thailand, you can pick a unit that suits your budget while ensuring that the necessary services and amenities are available to suit your personal preferences. Villas in Thailand have become a popular holiday accommodation due to the cost, privacy and reputability of facilities, which caters for every traveller’s needs.

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Why Book a Luxury Holiday to Koh Samui?

Experiencing the tropical island paradise of Koh Samui, you may opt to stay in a holiday villa rather than a hotel. A range of Koh Samui luxury holiday villas will offer you the same first class services available within any five star hotel, whilst allowing you the privacy and space that cannot be experienced in a cramped hotel room.

Koh Samui luxury holiday villas go beyond the traditional villas on offer, with premier services and facilities available. Whether you choose to stay on the beach or further inland in a picturesque garden setting overlooking the island’s central mountains, our Koh Samui luxury holiday villas will ensure that you are not short of any luxuries should you wish to stay in your villa for the day. All our luxury holiday villas offer a pool, satellite television, DVD players, plasma screen television sets and broadband internet access within the villa. The larger floor space within a luxury holiday villa means you can just laze around your villa all day, entertaining friends in your spacious living area and enjoying the stunning ocean views.

Koh Samui is known for its picture perfect beaches and white sandy coastlines surrounded by a clear bluish-green sea. With a luxury holiday villa, you will enjoy the best of the island’s natural beauty. Whilst most of Koh Samui luxury holiday villas are located at the beach, you can opt for a villa inland, away from the beaches. A luxury holiday villa may cost a bit more but it is not reserved only for the rich and famous. Depending on your budget, travel group size and personal preferences, you can find a Koh Samui luxury holiday villa to suit you.

Whether you want the opulence of a premier villa with your own personal gourmet chef and private swimming pool or a more modest Koh Samui luxury holiday villa, you will not be disappointed with the facilities and amenities available at our villas. Our luxury villas range from a smaller romantic holiday villa for you and your partner to a large luxury holiday villa with multiple bedrooms for the entire family. At our Koh Samui luxury holiday villas, you have the freedom and privacy you would want in holiday accommodation while still being within close reach to the restaurants, bars, shops and tourist sites of the island.

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Koh Samui and Thailand: The Basics

Are you jetting off to Thailand? Make sure you do not confine yourself to the usual tourist destinations like Bangkok and Phuket, as you will surely miss the magic of this Southeast Asian nation. Tucked away in the Gulf of Thailand (also known as Gulf of Siam) is Koh Samui, the third largest of the Thai islands which is an untouched gem of tropical beauty, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of commercial Thailand. Koh Samui is becoming increasingly popular and has developed into defining the Thai holiday experience, but it has retained its picturesque natural scenery and relaxed environment.

The Kingdom of Thailand has made its mark on international tourism offering a combination of stunning landscapes, exquisite cuisine, and a range of sporting and holiday activities to create the perfect Asian experience. Among the top 30 most populous countries and one of the economic powerhouses of Southeast Asia, Thailand has fallen victim to a more commercial feel, with towering skyscrapers and congested highways, which at times feels like a reflection of large western cities. With islands like Koh Samui, Thailand has managed to retain a distinctively Asian identity mixed with natural beauty and a laid back lifestyle.

A largely Buddhist nation, Thailand has strong influences from many other cultures which is evident in the cuisine and practices of the locals. Koh Samui is no different and you can enjoy the best that Thailand has to offer by choosing to stay in a private villa on the island. Samui International Airport on Koh Samui allows you to travel to and from many Southeast Asian destinations, including Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, without having to go through mainland Thailand. With a rather temperate climate, Koh Samui is not exposed to prolonged rainy seasons and torrential floods like other parts of Thailand, which allows longer periods of fun in the sun, typical of any tropical island.

Whether you opt to go kayaking in the clear blue waters or just relax in your beach villa, Koh Samui has everything one would expect for the perfect island holiday. When planning your next trip to Thailand, make sure that Koh Samui is on your itinerary and enjoy the best of Southeast Asia’s untouched natural beauty.

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What types of villas are available in Koh Samui?

Planning a trip to Koh Samui, you may prefer a holiday accommodation that is more private and flexible than the conventional hotel suites and a Samui villa may be the better choice. A selection of our Samui Villas with private pools are available for all budgets and preferences and if you are able to splash out a little more, you can expect first class service within the confines of your own private villa.

Our Samui villas vary in services and location on the island of Koh Samui, from the more expensive beach villas offering a private gourmet chef, to the less expensive villas set in picturesque gardens or with ocean views. Koh Samui is an extension of Thailand, offering the uniquely Thai culture, cuisine and atmosphere without the commercial hustle and bustle. A Samui villa encompasses this untouched Thai experience, evident in the surroundings, architecture and ambience whether your villa is on the beach or further inland in the flowing tropical gardens.

Our Samui villas need not break your holiday budget with less expensive villas ensuring all the facilities and amenities needed for an enjoyable holiday abroad. You can opt for a small villa with just one or two bedrooms or larger villas with multiple bedrooms to cater for a travel group. Private pool, air conditioning, satellite television and fully equipped kitchen facilities are available in all our Samui Villas, ensuring that your self-catering villa leaves you wanting for nothing extra. Apart from the in-house facilities, the wide selection of our Samui Villas lets you choose the location of your villa, whether you opt for beach villas, estate villas, villas overlooking the mountain or valleys of Koh Samui, garden villas or villas with an ocean view.

Growing in popularity as a honeymoon destination, our Samui villas offers newlyweds the privacy and comfort to make it an enjoyable experience on their romantic island getaway. Whether you want the freedom to cater for your own personal tastes, or the comfort and space to languish in your own villa rather than a hotel bedroom, our Samui villas are the ideal choice for travellers to Koh Samui.

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Honeymoons in Koh Samui

Jetting off to a paradise island after your fairy tale wedding, you will expect white sandy beaches, clear blue waters and coconut studded landscapes that make for the perfect romantic getaway. A Koh Samui honeymoon lives up to every couple’s image of the idyllic island holiday as you languish in the sun, walk the streets of the small towns or just spend some quiet time within your holiday villa.

Koh Samui is the third largest island in the Gulf of Thailand and having only been exposed to tourism in the past 20 years, it is still a relatively untouched Thai paradise. With a tropical climate that is more temperate than other Thai hotspots like Phuket, you and your partner can enjoy the perfect Koh Samui honeymoon characterised by long strolls on the beach, beautiful sunsets and a relaxed island life. As newlyweds, your focus is on each other and you can book a private villa set in picturesque gardens or on the beautiful beaches of Koh Samui offering you more privacy and space for the perfect honeymoon.

Spend your days sampling the local cuisine in world class restaurants, having a glass of wine at the local bar or just browsing through the shops along the streets throughout the island. For the more adventurous couple, you can opt for the numerous water sports available including kayaking, speed boating, snorkelling or kite surfing, giving an exciting touch to your Koh Samui honeymoon. If you would rather spend your time appreciating the sights and sounds of Koh Samui, you can visit Bangrak beach and the amazing 12 metre golden Big Buddha, spend a day touring the Ang Thong National Marine Park or just hire a car and drive off to one of the fishing villages along the coastline.

Koh Samui is gaining popularity as the honeymooner’s choice in Southeast Asia and lives up to the picture perfect images seen in magazines and travel brochures. Spend your days hand in hand with you partner as you tour the island or just relax in your villa gazing at the calm sea and rest assured that your Koh Samui honeymoon would make memories for a lifetime.

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Find the Perfect Beach Villa in Koh Samui

Thailand’s beautiful coastline has gained popularity for its white sandy beaches and clear blue waters and Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand is no exception. With a moderate tropical climate, you can enjoy the best of Southeast Asian island life and a beach villa in Koh Samui ensures the ultimate holiday experience.

Koh Samui Beaches

While the more conventional tourists head off to the local hotels, enthusiastic travellers wanting some privacy and the freedom to tailor make their own island holiday experience should consider the selection of beach villas in Koh Samui.

Most beach villas in Koh Samui are located in premier locations on the white sandy shores or just a stone throw from the beach. Depending on your budget and individual preferences, you can opt for a smaller villa that is ideal for a couple, especially honeymooners, or large beach villas that can accommodate an entire family or even a small travel group. For those with a bigger budget, you can choose one of our luxury Koh Samui beach villas, complete with all the facilities one would expect plus a little more like a private gourmet chef, car hire and even your own personal chauffeur to show you the sights.

With the activity in Koh Samui revolving around its coastline, a beach villa is the ideal holiday accommodation to keep you and your travel group at the centre of all the holiday fun while still affording you the opportunity for some quiet time if you so wish. Our beach villas in Koh Samui offer residents opportunities beyond the confines of the resorts, with concierge services assisting you in whatever your holiday plans may be.

Beach villas in Koh Samui need not break your holiday budget and with a little planning, you can find the perfect beach villa for your next holiday. Enjoy the fun in the sun, whether you bask on the beach all day or go snorkelling in the clear blue waters of Koh Samui.

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Family Holidays to Koh Samui

Jetting off to Koh Samui with your family on that well deserved beach holiday, you may want to consider a family villa for some fun in the sun without the cost and inconvenience of multiple hotel rooms or an expensive suite.

Family on Beach

With our range of Samui family villas available, you can select a villa that caters for your family’s needs and preferences while still maintaining the holiday budget.

Samui family villas are available throughout the island, with a range of facilities and services to ensure that your holiday experience is as hassle free and enjoyable as you would expect. Travelling with your family is not always the most relaxing experience, with irritable kids and demanding teens wanting immediate attention. At a Samui family villa, you can rest assured that all the necessary amenities are on your doorstep should you not want to venture beyond the villa. From baby-sitting services to in-villa spa treatments, our Samui family villas ensure that every guest is catered for in the villa.

Our range of Samui family villas means that you can select a villa on the white sandy beaches of Koh Samui or venture further inland for a more peaceful setting surrounded by a private pool and picturesque tropical gardens, overlooking the central mountain. Satellite television, air conditioning and the additional living area, will ensure that your family feels the flexibility and freedom that they enjoy at home with the additional scenery and activities of a tropical island. If you want to spend a little more, luxury Samui family villas can provide you with additional services like a gourmet chef to prepare your meals and concierge service to assist with holiday activities.

Our Samui family villas are the perfect holiday accommodation to enjoy a peaceful family vacation while catering for every family member’s individual needs. Whether you spend a monsoon rainy day indoors with the family or venture out to explore the beautiful island, staying at a Samui family villa allows you to choose your holiday experience.

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Luxury Dining in a Koh Samui Villa

One of the great things about staying in a luxury villa in Koh Samui is the fresh and delicious food available to indulge in.

Thai Cuisine

Many villas come with the option of an in-house chef who will take away the stress of cooking during your stay. The villas come with a menu from which you can choose your meals throughout your holiday. Villas do also offer self-catering options if you would prefer to cook your own meals. Prior to your arrival it is also possible to have the villa pre-stocked with all your favourite bites.

However, if part of the lure of visiting Samui is to explore the island and taste the local cuisine then there are many places on the island to do so. There are a whole range of different restaurants and eateries to suit any mood. The food is not exclusively Thai and most restaurants will offer alternatives to traditional Thai cuisine. There are also a whole host of different restaurants including, French, Mexican, Italian, English, Brazilian and Indian.

One of the reasons that food on Samui is so special is because of the great range of fresh ingredients that are available. The fishing village of Hua Thanon is known for providing the island with some of the best and most reasonable fresh fish and seafood on the island. Add to this a delicious selection of meats and poultry, a mouth-watering selection of tropical fruits and vegetables and distinctive herbs and spices and you have yourself a recipe for a lifelong love affair with Thai cuisine.

There are many comprehensive guides available as to where the very best restaurants are and what you can expect from them, and there are places to eat that the whole family will enjoy.

Many people recommend exploring the local cuisine by finding places to eat off the beaten track or by sampling the delights of the local food markets. A great way to find a great place to eat is to look for the places where the locals are eating rather than the place that looks the fanciest. The locals know the area and where to get great food at great places so use this to your advantage and trust them, especially when you are looking for traditional Thai food.

The biggest selection of restaurants and places to eat are based in Chaweng and Lamai which are the more central beachside locations, but no matter where you are on the island a great meal is never far away and often you won’t even need to leave the villa.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Koh Samui

Koh Samui, an island off the Southeast coast of Thailand, epitomises the natural beauty and quaint island life synonymous with tropical Southeast Asia.

White sandy beaches, studded with coconut trees and a clear ocean, Koh Samui is the idyllic island getaway transporting visitors to a world that is picturesque and entrenched in a relaxed beach culture.

Koh Samui is considered part of the southern province of Surat Thani and unlike other popular islands in Thailand, it is relatively dry. With a warm and tropical climate, Koh Samui experiences only a short rainy season providing the opportunity to cater for sun loving tourists, whereas other islands like Phuket encounter rain for almost 6 months in the year. However, be prepared for sudden showers that last for less than an hour which are typical of any tropical island.

Life in Koh Samui revolves around the coast due to the almost uninhabitable mountainous forests in the centre of the island and this beach culture is reflected in the friendly and relaxed demeanour of the residents; their lifestyle, cuisine and past times. The economy of Koh Samui is dependent on tourism, meaning that you can expect all the services and facilities you may require to have a comfortable, safe and enjoyable holiday on the island. The growing popularity of Koh Samui as a tourist destination has seen five star hotels, luxury modern beach villas with private pools and world renowned restaurants sprout up along most of the island.

Fun and activities in Koh Samui are not isolated to the beach and water sports, although there is no shortage of such sporting activities; like kayaking, scuba diving, snorkelling, kite surfing and speed boating. You can also play a few rounds of golf on Koh Samui’s golf course, watch the nature shows or spend a day in Ang Thong National Marine Park. For the shopaholics and foodies, Koh Samui has a plethora of shops, eateries and bars to ensure that all your fancies are catered for, with most establishments catering for western tastes.

For the demanding traveler who wants a mix of culture, cuisine and coastlines, Koh Samui reflects the best that Southeast Asia has to offer. A multitude of cultures coalesce into a uniquely Thai experience coupled with some of the best weather and beautiful beaches in the world. Koh Samui is a one stop destination for any visitor to Thailand, offering a distinctly Asian experience coupled with all the amenities and activities that one would expect on an overseas beach holiday.

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Thai Culture and Etiquette

We may think that we live in a nanny state, but the lengths to which every Thai person will try to avoid any confrontation, contentious talk or possible bad manners during everyday and business life can seem quite staggering to visitors, especially after reading the Thai Ministry of Culture’s guidance on Thai Etiquette -

This is a great article: do read it.

And after you have, do not despair! Foreign visitors (farangs) to Koh Samui will not be expected to know all the intricacies of Thai etiquette, or the proper and right way of doing quite ordinary everyday things. Thai culture offers guidance on how to conduct yourself in a wide range of situations, how to dress and how to converse. Of course these ‘ways to live’ have been handed down from generation to generation, and for the young Thais who are brought up with parents and extended families, especially away from the big cities, these customs are second nature, and probably need no formal teaching.

For example it is not expected that during a conversation there will be loud voices or much gesticulation – which many European visitors may find rather restrictive and alien! Younger people should not hold a conversation over the head of an older person. Your body language and the questions you may wish to ask while speaking to a Thai are very important – no folded arms, no personal questions, no rude language.

There are three things held in the greatest respect by Thais: 1. their Nation 2. their religion and 3. the Thai Monarchy. All must be given the greatest respect and should not be spoken about in a critical or patronising way.

There are of course exceptions to all rules, and you may well see someone clanging his spoon and fork together at the dining table, or speaking over the head of a more senior person. In Bangkok people may have chosen to ignore some of their ingrained codes of conduct but if you venture into the countryside, this will not be the case.

So the main things to remember while you are on Koh Samui are:

• Politeness to everyone is essential
• Do not lose your temper
• Do not shout
• Older people are to be respected
• The head of a person is sacred: not to be touched!
• The foot is not: do not point your foot at anyone, or touch anyone with your foot: it is an insult
• Do not be overly amorous in public
• Keep the bikini and the Speedos for the beach – cover up and dress appropriately elsewhere.

The Thais are amongst the most hospitable and friendly people on the planet, and if you are lucky enough to be invited into a Thai’s home on Koh Samui –

• Arrive on time – too early or too late is a no-no
• Take your hosts a small gift – it will be very appreciated (some cakes or biscuits, perhaps a small bottle of wine)
• Remember to remove your shoes at the door
• Try not to sit with one leg over the other, or both legs totally stretched out. Victorian prim and proper does it.
• Don’t stay too long!

Above all, enjoy your stay in one of our stunning Koh Samui Villas, and should you ever feel you have stepped over the line of Thai good etiquette, just say sorry and move on. As well as being friendly and happy, the Thais are very forgiving of these little farang mistakes.

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