Keeping Fit in Koh Samui


A Koh Samui vacation is a great way to relax and unwind – but that needn’t mean you pile on the pounds during your trip. From health spas and island activities to great food and stunning scenery, there’s plenty to keep you fit and healthy in Koh Samui.

Exercise in Koh Samui

Keeping fit in Koh Samui doesn’t mean running miles each day, instead why not pick active pursuits to pique your interest and physique? Koh Samui is a great place to hike, walk and wander, with a whole host of activities to embark on. Swimming, scuba diving and water sports are excellent water-based activities, while jungle treks, island hikes, cycling, golf, tennis and horse riding are great ways to stay active on land. Shopping and sightseeing are all great aerobic exercise, as is Thailand’s national sport Muay Thai boxing.  During evening hours why not enjoy dancing at Koh Samui’s many bars, beach parties and nightclubs? Koh Samui villas are a great place for fitness enthusiasts as many properties come equipped with private gymnasiums and swimming pools. There are so many interesting and exciting activities on the island, it’s easy to stay fit in Koh Samui, whenever and wherever you go.

Koh Samui’s Spas

No trip to Koh Samui is complete with a visit to one of its world-famous wellness spas. A spa visit can lower stress hormones, relax muscles and ease aches and pains making it a great alternative to a day on Samui’s white-sandy beaches. A trip to of the many spas in Koh Samui is a truly relaxing experience for mind, body and soul whether you enjoy a traditional Thai massage, meditation, a hot stone treatment, a sauna or facial. Wherever you travel on the island there is sure to be a spa nearby offering excellent facilities and a first-rate service. Many Koh Samui villas come equipped with massage salas and the option to enjoy a Thai massage as many times as you wish during your vacation. Alternatively why not enjoy an afternoon of yoga either at home or on the white sandy beaches in Koh Samui?

Eating in Koh Samui

Eating on vacation can often pile on the pounds but there is plenty of tasty, fresh and healthy food in Koh Samui. By making healthier food choices as you explore the island you’ll feel fitter and healthier so try to avoid filling up on snacks and sweet treats during the day. When evening arrives you will have plenty of room for a guilt-free meal in one of the excellent restaurants in Koh Samui – or in the comfort of your own villa. Healthy Thai food options include Som Tam, a delicious and healthy green papaya salad. Jim Jum, a Thai hot pot with ingredients personally added by each customer and Pad Thai, a healthy blend of fresh vegetables, noodles, seafood and meat.

What to Pack for Koh Samui?

The trick to a healthy happy holiday is to pack with health in mind. Apart from the beach wear and party clothes you’ll need to keep health in mind so pack things that keep your body strong and well protected during your trip. Sunblock and protective clothing will help to avoid serious sunburn that can damage your skin and spoil your trip. You may also need insect repellent and holiday-type medications for indigestion and tummy ache. Other items to consider packing are antihistamines, basic first aid supplies, antiseptic wipes and sanitizer as well as comfortable warm clothes for the return plane journey.

Thai Culture and Traditions

When travelling to and from any holiday destination it is best to bear in mind the local culture and traditions. The traditional Thai greeting is a wai, to hold two hands prayer-like with palms together. If a local gives a wai to you, it is polite to give one back. You should not point your feet at people, touch people with your feet or put your feet up on seats or tables as this is considered rude, you should also avoid touching people on the head. Places like temples are highly respected by the locals for religious purposes, therefore you are required to wear ‘polite dress’ when visiting – this means no flip-flop, no shorts, no skirts above the knee and no sleeveless t-shirts. Also bear in mind that making derogatory remarks about the Thai royal family is against the law.

We hope you enjoy keeping fit, happy and healthy during your Koh Samui vacation!


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