Luxury Dining in a Koh Samui Villa

One of the great things about staying in a luxury villa in Koh Samui is the fresh and delicious food available to indulge in.

Thai Cuisine

Many villas come with the option of an in-house chef who will take away the stress of cooking during your stay. The villas come with a menu from which you can choose your meals throughout your holiday. Villas do also offer self-catering options if you would prefer to cook your own meals. Prior to your arrival it is also possible to have the villa pre-stocked with all your favourite bites.

However, if part of the lure of visiting Samui is to explore the island and taste the local cuisine then there are many places on the island to do so. There are a whole range of different restaurants and eateries to suit any mood. The food is not exclusively Thai and most restaurants will offer alternatives to traditional Thai cuisine. There are also a whole host of different restaurants including, French, Mexican, Italian, English, Brazilian and Indian.

One of the reasons that food on Samui is so special is because of the great range of fresh ingredients that are available. The fishing village of Hua Thanon is known for providing the island with some of the best and most reasonable fresh fish and seafood on the island. Add to this a delicious selection of meats and poultry, a mouth-watering selection of tropical fruits and vegetables and distinctive herbs and spices and you have yourself a recipe for a lifelong love affair with Thai cuisine.

There are many comprehensive guides available as to where the very best restaurants are and what you can expect from them, and there are places to eat that the whole family will enjoy.

Many people recommend exploring the local cuisine by finding places to eat off the beaten track or by sampling the delights of the local food markets. A great way to find a great place to eat is to look for the places where the locals are eating rather than the place that looks the fanciest. The locals know the area and where to get great food at great places so use this to your advantage and trust them, especially when you are looking for traditional Thai food.

The biggest selection of restaurants and places to eat are based in Chaweng and Lamai which are the more central beachside locations, but no matter where you are on the island a great meal is never far away and often you won’t even need to leave the villa.

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