Luxury Villas in Koh Samui: What to Expect for Your Money

Koh Samui is one of the world’s top destinations for renting luxury villas. The stunning views and unspoilt locations make it perfect for a holiday spent pampering yourself in a tropical paradise.

There are so many different villas out there in all shapes and sizes but if you really want the very height of luxury then this blog post will let you know what to expect from a higher end luxury villa.

Location, Location, Location! If you really want to enjoy this stunning island at its very best then the villa you choose should be situated on the beachfront. There are gorgeous villas dotted all the way around the island and they have spectacular views and often direct beach access, meaning that you can step onto the beach from the villa itself.

To Infinity and beyond! A luxury villa is not a luxury villa without a pool. Whether you want to dive right in and cool off or dangle your toes while sipping a cocktail, an infinity pool is the perfect addition to a luxury villa. Some villas even come with projector screens in the pool area as well as swim-up bars adding those extra touches of luxury.

Facilities Galore! Luxury villas really go all out to ensure that your holiday accommodation is packed full of everything you could possibly need. You can expect to find state of the art televisions and sound systems as well as Wi-Fi for those of you who like to stay connected. They also go all out to make sure that the villa is decorated to offer top levels of style and comfort.

The bedrooms usually come complete with en-suite luxury bathrooms. There are often outdoor as well as indoor showers as well as terrazzo bathtubs. There are also plenty of villas where the bedrooms come with private balconies overlooking the sea for those times when you want to relax away from the rest of the party.

Be Looked After: Many of the villas come with staff that are there to make your stay as relaxing as possible, this can include cooking delicious meals, manning the outdoor bar areas and some villas even come complete with treatment rooms so you can enjoy a relaxing massage or spa session with a professional.

There is all this and so much more available in a luxury holiday villa so why not browse the luxury villas on our website and start planning that holiday.

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