Packing for Koh Samui

Packing for Koh Samui

Before going on Koh Samui villa vacation it’s a good idea to know before you go what to pack and what not to! Here’s a handy guide to packing for Koh Samui to make your departure as easy as possible.

Know Before You Go

Thailand is a very modest country and although the locals are used to the casual dress of tourists, it may be a good idea keep your knees and shoulders covered. Using the ‘knees and shoulders’ rule as a guide, stick to packing long shorts and light cotton or linen shirts. Sundresses are acceptable day wear but leave your jeans behind as it will be far too hot to walk comfortably in these. The typical Thai may dress modestly but the rules are bent for tourists around the beaches and resorts, where shorts and t shirts are the norm.

What to Wear When Sightseeing in Koh Samui?

When sightseeing and walking around the island, everyone should opt for day wear rather than beach wear. Comfy sandals are great for wandering around, as they don’t require socks and are easy to slip on and off. Just make sure they have a good grip for safety. Remember to pack running shoes if you plan on taking part in any tours or keeping fit in the Koh Samui villas gymnasiums. During rainy season, a light sweater or cardigan will be enough to keep out the chill. Ponchos and umbrellas are also readily available around the island.

Packing for the Beach

At the beach, bikinis and swim trunks are fine but women should be aware that breast exposure is not the norm in Thailand. This also applies to breast-feeding in public. Once you’ve left the beach, be sure to remove your beachwear in a restroom cubicle or somewhere private and slip back into your day wear. Local vendors are often seen selling beach wear along Koh Samui’s beaches.

What to Wear in the Evening

Sometimes you will want to party so don’t be afraid of dressing to impress. Women can wear anything in the bars and clubs, including shorts, t shirts and evening dresses. Men should consider wearing long trousers and collared shirts to restaurants however visitors often wear shorts in nice venues.

Dressing for Koh Samui Temples?

Modest clothing that abides by the ‘knee and shoulder’ rule is a strict dress code in the temples in Koh Samui. Women may want to consider knee length or long skirts, long shorts or trousers and preferably closed-toed shoes. A pashmina or long scarf is your best friend here as it can either cover your shoulders or function as a longer skirt. The same rule applies to men. Keep it modest with covered torsos, sleeves and legs.

Pack light!

Villas in Koh Samui come equipped with laundry facilities and villa staff so pack light as you can wear the same thing twice.

Extra Essentials

Koh Samui boasts year round sun so be sure to bring hats and sun cream and after sun. Items such as tampons, deodorant and razors are not easy to find on Koh Samui so make sure you are well stocked for your trip.


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