Sports in Koh Samui

Muay Thai boxing

It may be famed for its beautiful beaches and relaxing spas but there are plenty more things to do in Koh Samui than just lazing the days away.

The island boasts a multitude of activities offering something for everyone. Here’s a quick guide to the best activities and sports in Koh Samui…


Koh Samui With KidsWater Sports
Koh Samui has no shortage of water sports to keep visitors entertained including jet skiing, kayaking, fishing, boat trips and more. The warm, blue waters and thriving marine life draw experienced and novice divers from around the world to the many diving spots on the island. Chaweng and Coral Cove are popular spots, but there are many more to be found. A tour of the Ang Thong Marine Park will also include snorkelling, kayaking and a memorable visit to the Emerald Seawater Lake. Marine life in Koh Samui includes tuna, red snapper, and barracuda to name just a few, and, if you’re brave enough, whale sharks.


elephantElephant Trekking
The elephant is Thailand’s national animal and a symbol of royalty and strength. To ride on an elephant’s back is considered an exciting privilege and will certainly be something to write home about. Sitting atop an elephant you’ll effortlessly cut through the jungle path, wade through rivers and travel past Namuag, Samui’s most famous waterfall. The elephant is a gentle creature and he will be a travelling companion that will be remembered fondly. Koh Samui elephant tours start from just a few hundred Thai Baht.


Zip Lining
The Sky Fox cable ride offers some of the best zip lining in Koh Samui. The tour is suitable for guests of all ages, allowing them to slide fro tree to tree for a feeling of pure freedom and exciting speed. The Sky Fox starts off with slower cables taking guests from one station to another during the ride. Riders climb ladders and are clipped to safety valves for total security and peace of mind. Operators lead unclipping and clipping the safety gear as prepare prepare for their next glide. After the Sky Fox ride, a tour guide will lead visitors on a fifteen minute trek through the jungle and to a magnificent waterfall to cool off from all the excitement.


Santiburi Golf Club This 18-hole championship golf course has been beautifully integrated into the natural hillside terrain to create Asia’s most popular and picturesque golf course. The native coconut trees of Koh Samui have been strategically placed around the area so the wind is always blowing, even in very intense heat. The mountain landscape allows for multiple playing levels and a driving range and putting green complete the perfect golfing experience. Lessons from PGA professionals are available for beginners and children.


cq5dam.web.720.405Thai Boxing
Siamese street fighting – better known as Muay Thai Boxing – is the national sport of Thailand. It is a combat sport involving fists, elbows, shins and knees. This brutal sport is considered the most dangerous past-time in Thailand, but the movements involved are graceful to watch. Chaweng offers two boxing stadiums hosting some of the biggest boxing events in Koh Samui and even offers classes to those brave enough to try it out.



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