The Ultimate Wedding Destination

Our wedding was many years ago. The celebration continues to this day. (Gene Perret)

You will want to remember your wedding day in the years to come too, so it’s got to be with the right people – and in the right place. And where is the ultimate destination for the best-day-of-your-life? We would recommend the venue of the beautiful island of Koh Samui.

The golden beaches and stunning sunsets, the colourful flowers and wonderful temperature – all brought together at the right time by lovely people working hard to make your very, very special day one you will never forget.

The wedding planners associated with Samui Island Villas can help you decide whether you have a sumptuous ceremony in the ultimate of luxury, or a more casual celebration on the beach.  You can choose from several religious services, or, if you prefer, have a non-religious civil celebration. Your planners will lead you through all the various options and decisions you have to make, and they will organise a complete package for you, from the venue and service, to the music, flowers, cars and cuisine, leaving you and your loved ones totally stress-free, with all the time in the world to enjoy every single moment of your day.

Booking your wedding planner, the location, the honeymoon villa plus villas for your main wedding party and other guests, could not be easier: once you’ve seen something you like: just email us

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