Where to Buy the Best Souvenirs in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is famed for its tropical beaches, crystal clear seas and stunning natural attractions – it’s also known for its lively towns and great shopping. Lots of souvenirs in Koh Samui are made from coconuts, the island’s main industry, there are also plenty of other great items to buy. Here’s list of places to keep a look out for when shopping in Koh Samui

samui coconut soap souvenir

samui coconut soap souvenir

 Classic Gems, Chaweng

This quaint store will be able to show you its certificate from the Tourism Association of Thailand so you are certain that you are buying what you think you are buying. In addition, Classic Gems offers certificates of authenticity for its 14 and 18-carat jewellery. It can be custom made in their on-site factory to your specifications and delivered within three days. Choose between ruby, sapphire, diamond or pearl to sit on a ring or white or yellow gold.

Walking Streets

These popular public events are a wonderful blend of a farmer’s market and a street party. They occur in Chaweng (Saturday), Bophut Fisherman’s Village (Friday), Lamai (Sunday) and Mae Nam (Thursday) from 5pm until late in the evening. Hundreds of stalls sell items such as handcrafted souvenirs, clothing and artwork but a majority of visitors go for the food and beverages. Cocktails can be bought from between 60 -80 baht, food from several bars, restaurants and vendors can be tasted at very little cost and this can all be done while taking a leisurely walk along the beach. After spending an evening like this, it will be clear why walking streets have become increasingly popular in the last five years.

Central Festival Mall, Chaweng

Central Festival has earned its title as the most complete and largest shopping complex in Samui. It stands at three storeys high and 90,000 sqm of retail space. It has over 200 shops including Camel, Geox, Adidas and Esprit to name a few. There are many shops that sell branded clothes and accessories that will make excellent presents for loved ones or souvenirs of the time spent on Koh Samui. When you have enough of hunting for souvenir treasures in this modern complex, take time to explore the 21 restaurant and bar venues.

Location: Between Chaweng Beach Road and Chaweng Lake in the central part of the resort town.

Fisherman’s Village, Bophut

The village has acquired a reputation for being an elegant and well-preserved part of the island. It is a beautiful fusion of old wooden Chinese shop-houses interspaced with new. The modern buildings have been carefully and considerately constructed to match the tone and architecture of the long-standing buildings, but also with a distinctive Mediterranean feel to honour the village’s history as the main French outpost on the island Here you can find boutiques that sell high quality clothes and jewellery, dive shops that offer scuba lessons, elephant rides in the tropical forest, fishing trips on the local boats and much more.

The Wharf, Bophut

 This beachfront shopping plaza in Bophut is well worth a visit. It has retro-architecture combining eastern and western styles, which has hundreds of shops and excellent service available for all who visit. Souvenirs range from t-shirts, sandals, leather bags, accessories, home decorations and even toys for the little ones. As well as being a charming outdoor mall, The Wharf also has several live music events on the beach, has hosted the Samui Coconut Festival and activities for children.

Timmy’s Masshneider Tailor

There is no need to go looking for a tailor in Koh Samui. They will always introduce themselves as you walk by their shops. Some caution should be exercised; the outcomes of shopping with a tailor can range between customers leaving satisfied with well-made clothes that fit or with something that you can’t use. Timmy’s Masshneider Tailor in Chaweng has very good reviews. They do men’s tuxedos, shirts, trousers and so much more. As well as tailoring suits with skirts or trousers for women, they also tailor dresses to suit each shape.

There are many different things that will help you remember your holiday in Koh Samui. What will you buy?

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