Why Book a Luxury Holiday to Koh Samui?

Why Book a Luxury Holiday to Koh Samui?

Experiencing the tropical island paradise of Koh Samui, you may opt to stay in a holiday villa rather than a hotel.

A range of Koh Samui luxury holiday villas will offer you the same first class services available within any five star hotel, whilst allowing you the privacy and space that cannot be experienced in a cramped hotel room.

Koh Samui luxury holiday villas go beyond the traditional villas on offer, with premier services and facilities available. Whether you choose to stay on the beach or further inland in a picturesque garden setting overlooking the island’s central mountains, our Koh Samui luxury holiday villas will ensure that you are not short of any luxuries should you wish to stay in your villa for the day. All our luxury holiday villas offer a pool, satellite television, DVD players, plasma screen television sets and broadband internet access within the villa. The larger floor space within a luxury holiday villa means you can just laze around your villa all day, entertaining friends in your spacious living area and enjoying the stunning ocean views.

Koh Samui is known for its picture perfect beaches and white sandy coastlines surrounded by a clear bluish-green sea. With a luxury holiday villa, you will enjoy the best of the island’s natural beauty. Whilst most of Koh Samui luxury holiday villas are located at the beach, you can opt for a villa inland, away from the beaches. A luxury holiday villa may cost a bit more but it is not reserved only for the rich and famous. Depending on your budget, travel group size and personal preferences, you can find a Koh Samui luxury holiday villa to suit you.

Whether you want the opulence of a premier villa with your own personal gourmet chef and private swimming pool or a more modest Koh Samui luxury holiday villa, you will not be disappointed with the facilities and amenities available at our villas. Our luxury villas range from a smaller romantic holiday villa for you and your partner to a large luxury holiday villa with multiple bedrooms for the entire family. At our Koh Samui luxury holiday villas, you have the freedom and privacy you would want in holiday accommodation while still being within close reach to the restaurants, bars, shops and tourist sites of the island.

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