Wildlife in Koh Samui


The wildlife in Koh Samui is as diverse as the island itself – and you needn’t go all the way to a zoo to see it!

You’re sure to spot plenty of native creatures during your Koh Samui vacation, here’s a short guide to making the most of what you see on your travels…


There are plenty of stray dogs in Koh Samui however they are relatively friendly and won’t bother you unless you particularly want to seek them out.

These dogs are very independent and do not require tourists to feed them, shelter them or pet them.

You may see a lot of them, so just consider them a part of the scenery.


monkey-eating-leaf-640x426Elephants, Crocodiles & Wild Monkeys

Take a jungle tour and experience the wonder of Koh Samui’s rich exotic wildlife.

These exhilarating tours are taken atop an elephant as you trek to spot other incredible creatures such as baby elephants, crocodiles and wild monkeys.

You can also enjoy the exquisite scenery and take some super photographs along the way.



imgres-1Samui Aquarium and Tiger Show

The Samui Aquarium features almost every sea life creature and fish native to the Gulf of Thailand from nurse sharks to manta rays and schools of vibrant tropical fish.

Visitors can even get involved with feeding the sea turtles.

Koh Samui zoo is home to Bengal tigers, leopards and other wild creatures. Enjoy live daily shows.



Koh Samui has around 200 species of snakes but the poisonous ones – such as king cobras – should be found deep in the jungle and not near human habitation.

When walking in the jungle it’s wise to stick to the beaten path and avoid searching through the bushes and trees.

If you happen to find a snake slithering in your villa garden it may be best not to try to pick it up.





These quirky little creatures are truly harmless and are a common sight in Koh Samui.

You will find them on walls, ceilings and hanging around lamps in order to catch insects attracted to light.

The largest gecko you will see is the Tookay, which can be as long as your hand, excluding the tail.

In general, the gecko will be your best friend on your Koh Samui vacation as they eat mosquitos.

However, do not try to corner or grab them because they can bite if they feel threatened. It is best to leave them be and be grateful that they keep mosquitos at bay.


chd_scorpion1Scorpions, Mosquitos and Other Insects

Aside from snakes, the land creatures you should most watch out for are scorpions and centipedes.

These creature are impressive to spot but for safety, always remember to shake out your shoes before putting them on and keep them inside overnight to prevent them from becoming nesting grounds.

Also, do not assume that the geckos will be your only effective defence against mosquitos.

Take precautions such as using a very good insect repellent both at night and during the day.



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