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Hua Thanon Travel Guide

Hua Thanon Travel Guide


Explore Hua Thanon in Koh Samui

Our Hua Thanon Travel guide looks to describe some of the reasons why this area in the beautiful island of Koh Samui remains so incredibly popular. 

The large village of Hua Thanon sits happily on the south coast of Koh Samui. It is one of the places on the island that really gives a glimpse into what daily life is like for the residents of the island. It is a fishing village with a largely Muslim population but has lots to offer as a destination away from the more tourist populated parts of the island.

In the village itself you will find a lively market as well as some restaurants, but there is not a huge amount there in the way of tourist orientated attractions and resorts. Hua Thanon is the place to go if you love seafood. You can go shopping for delicious, freshly caught local seafood that is sold for incredible prices and is said to be the very best that you will get anywhere on the island.

The beach here is lovely for a walk along but is not recommended for swimming. A must see is the artistry of the local fishermen who take pride in intricately painting their boats making watching them at work even more interesting. It is a delightful place to while away an afternoon just watching the local way of life and the fisherman as they go about their day.

Life in Hua Thanon continues in much the same manner as it has for the past few centuries, with the local businesses being based mainly around the supply and demand of fish and seafood. With the village being largely Muslim while the rest of the Island is largely Buddhist, it is here that you will find the only Mosque on the island, tucked away behind the main part of the town.

Hua Thanon is the perfect destination for those seeking something more authentic and less touristy from their holiday. The people are extremely welcoming and warm and are always glad to see people who come to explore their way of life.