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Laem Sor Travel Guide

Laem Sor Travel Guide

Our Laem Sor Travel guide looks to describe some of the reasons why this part of Koh Samui remains so popular. 

Explore Laem Sor in Koh Samui

The absolutely stunning area of Laem Sor is in the depths of the south of the island, generally  considered as a hidden gem, as it is a small and quiet community. The main tourist attraction is the temple ‘Pagoda’. This well- preserved, eye catching monument which appears golden in the sunlight, however it is in fact built with yellow tiles, which gives off the dazzling effect. This beautiful temple is a recommended place to spend your time if you are looking to see culture, grand designs, as well as having a relaxed day out.

This area is relatively undiscovered in comparison to other beach resorts east of the island. Laem Sor is a location where the outdoors allows tourists and locals to see the beauty of nature. There is a largely outdoor living concept, where excursions include hiking and natural elements such as visiting a butterfly garden and insect museum. Appreciating the tranquillity of the island is key and being able to relax is a guarantee.

Lamai, the closest town is a fifteen minute drive, giving tourists access to a Tesco Lotus supermarket, various shops, bars and many excellent restaurants. This has a lively and energetic vibe, contrasting to the undisturbed and calm area of Laem Sor.

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